Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need to subscribe to this website? 
We created this website after discovering that even basic kitchen skills aren't being taught. With an increasingly unhealthy population we felt it was time to bring back good old home cooking that anyone can handle. 
What's the cost of subscription to Gem's Kitchen? 
Gem's Kitchen is all about passing on knowledge to help future generations so we kept the subscription as low as we can and it's just £5 per month. 
I don't have time to cook, why not just eat takeaways? 
You would be surprised how quick it is to prepare a fresh meal in your own kitchen, probably in less time than it takes to get a Pizza delivered. In addition it's much cheaper to prepare food at home. 
Is there a minimum term for the subscription? 
No but you will get the best out of it the longer you subscribe. 

Join us now to start your journey to a world of delicious and healthy eating on a budget. 

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