What We Do 

It’s simple! We provide you with food preparation skills that will teach you to cook as an individual or with your family. A large variety of recipes for all ages and skills can be offered, just for you! 
We are now introducing remote, tailor-made cookery sessions and each session will be individually planned in line with your requirements. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. 
1. We will start with a free telephone or video consultation to discuss what you would like to learn, the skills you already have, likes, dislikes and general information so I can plan your sessions. Should you wish to continue we will then proceed to planning your recipes. 
2. Some recipe ideas will be suggested to you (sweet or savoury) and you will then select 3 
to begin your course. 
3. When we have decided what you want to cook, we will book a slot for you to cook each recipe with my guidance, providing you will full support and teaching any new skills required. 
Total cost for this will be £99.00  
Helpful tips and information will be available to you here on the website. 
Please contact me through the contact page for more information, I look forward to hearing from you! 
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Many Different Recipes 

With access to many different recipes, styles of cooking and guidance for special diets, everything you need will be here with constant additions and ways to expand your skills. 
Everything we teach can be tailor-made to fit in with your own tastes and preferences. This will ensure that everything you learn is useful and beneficial to you. 
So, look at this as an on-line, inclusive magazine membership, where you have control of what you learn and how much you do at any time. 
You will be able to access your information at any time and also ask for help, ask questions or build on your skills, as and when you need to. 
We will also encourage sharing information with others to broaden your experience and knowledge. 
You will find some example recipes in this website and we will gradually be adding more to our members area which is accessible for a small monthly subscription of £5. 
Join us now to start your journey to a world of delicious and healthy eating on a budget. 
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